CLICK ON THE BUTTONS BELOW TO GO SHOPPING! On Etsy you'll find originals, prints, cards, and calendars. On Society 6 you'll find home decor and functional art products such as totes and pillows. 


If you find an original that you'd like to request in giclee paper Epson matter print form or on stretched canvas, just ask!  Prices vary  depending on the size and format you desire, but we aim to keep our prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality. You can find all the details about pricing HERE.

Sample Canvas Print: Chaos in Nature 30 x 60 Canvas print (original piece is 12 x 6 inches)

***Before you purchase from our shop on ETSY, please read this:

As an independent artist and small business owner, we want to keep prices reasonable. In order to do this, purchasing directly through us via email: through email money transfers (if within Canada) or Paypal (if international), helps us to achieve this. Although this isn't as convenient as an instant cart option, though not difficult, it helps to keep prices low. If you have any difficulties with purchasing, please contact us to help you through the process. 

You will notice all pieces from 2015 are offered at a reduced price on the website in comparison to the Etsy listings. All pieces made in 2015 will now be offered at a reduced rate in comparison to Etsy which is something we didn't offer last year. Please note there is nothing we can do to refund the cost if you've already purchased through Etsy. We apologize for this inconvenience but once purchased, the processing fees are not refunded to us and Etsy doesn't allow for cross-promotion in listings (it is against their rules & guidelines to encourage purchasing elsewhere for obvious reasons). At least if you are reading this now you'll now know for next time that it's a better savings to purchase directly through us. 

This doesn't apply to Society6 as their products are their own. We merely license our image for their products. The only exception are phone cases by special order or by promotion from time to time. You'll find details under "ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONAL PRODUCTS" below. 

You'll find quite a few originals, prints and cards available over in our Etsy store, some of which may not appear on our website. Click HERE to head on over and take a look. If you find a piece you are interested in that does not appear on our website, please contact us at and let us know you would like to purchase it through us rather than Etsy. 

Click HERE to shop Garnet & Ashes functional products from Society6. From tote bags to home decor, we have inspirational images for those who want art to transcend their living space beyond the living room wall. 




If you are interested in phone cases, we can place a special order for any image you like for just about any phone model and offer them to you for a much better price than Society 6: $25 vs. $35. And yes, they do come as hardcases! See sample below. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.