Be Like Water: An Exercise in 'Being'


Recently I read somewhere that intense engagement with art is the start of a voyage of discovery, and in that voyage, becomes a destination. It could be the exhilaration of returning to the studio (all time spent there is an adventure full of surprises), or that summer has started and my wanderlust is tickling me (Niagara on the Lake is the most exotic geographic location I am likely to see this summer!), but I have set sail in the studio - my main summer destination.

Lately, I've been contemplating water; the shape of it, how it moves and flows, forcefully, gently, trickling or smashing against shorelines - it adapts to where it finds itself. I strive to be more like water; still when necessary, flowing with the current, swaying with the tides, swirling around rocks and through cracks, making my way down the river and out to the ocean.

It reminds me of homeostasis and our body's ability to regulate itself and maintain life and encourage equilibrium.  We can think of water as a life source literally and metaphorically; we are born from water in the amniotic sac and we continue to exist in it symbolically, sinking or floating, flowing with it or against it.  We stay in the safe harbour, remaining safe but not experiencing very much, or instead, we set sail for lofty, yet-to-be discovered destinations, while weathering stormy seas and facing our own Moby Dick's, but also, (and luckily for the courageous), we discover new places, and often, unexpected treasure.  There is a certain equilibrium in all this activity, and a flow we can find ourselves in when we come to the stillness of reflection. 

I think this is why, when I am in front of a body of water, I feel grounded, at home, back to my place of replenishment. Water is symbolic of my departures, returns and everything in between. It is a reflection of me, it's also a reflection of you. 

The first round of the Water Series is ready to set sail. Some are more left-brained, and others are painted with more of right-brained brush, and some are somewhere in between. Take your pick and dive right in....

Price List

Deep Stretch - $275 - 8 x 8 (oil on canvas)

A Moment of Clarity - $550 - 18 x 18 (oil on canvas)

Crystalline - $350 - 10 x 10 (oil on canvas)

Ice Dance - $650 - 20 x 20 (oil on wood panel)

Passage - $400 - 12 x 12 (oil on canvas)

Symphony in Blue - $450 - 12 x 12 (oil on canvas)

Sway This Way - $450 - 12 x 12 (oil on canvas)


*Payment installments available.

*Payment accepted by Paypal for purchases outside of Canada (or those wanting to pay by credit card), or by Email money transfer for those in Canada.  Shipping is extra and will vary based on purchase size and location of delivery. Please contact Caroline at: for all inquiries.